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You Want Me to Learn About Pythago...Who?

I'm all about cross-curricular pedagogy. I think students learn content best when it is bridged with a specific skill being learned, and I think reading, writing, and math skills are best learned when they are tied to real content.  I also think we need to give students opportunities to develop 21st century skills using the content and skills already being taught.Let's stop isolating content and skill sets and start bringing them together to increase engagement, enhance understanding, and develop critical thinkers with a skill set that will actually be valuable in the 21st century.
I recently blogged about What Are You Giving Your Students That They Can't Get for Themselves on YouTube? and can't get away from that question each time I plan a lesson. I also can't get away from a question posed by Alice Keeler recently: Is there anyway I can make this better with tech?
So as I began preparing for a lesson on the Pythagorean Theorem, something that is not really a hi…

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