As special education teachers, we are always looking for ways to help our students with exceptionalities engage with their peers in an inclusive setting. Often times students with exceptionalities are reluctant to actively participate because they lack confidence in the skill set they have to bring to the table. 
Using tech tools can help students with exceptionalities overcome their lack of confidence and more readily engage in the learning. Google apps for education offer incredible and easy to use tools that allow just that! Speech to text allows students to speak right into their document while spell check allows them to edit. 
As a special educator, my number one priority is to find tools and avenues that allow my students to access the content that their exceptionality is making difficult for them. In creating a collaborative, digital platform in my classroom, my students are able to use assistive technologies to better engage with their peers in an inclusive setting. 
The following is a digital literacy circle template created in Google slides. While it has the same components of a traditional literacy circle, by providing it in a digital, collaborative platform, students with exceptionalities are able to access their assistive technologies, which in turn increases their level of engagement leading to more enriching learning experiences. 

Teach students in the way they are smart


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